Simple Watercolour Workout: Painting Waterbodies and Reflections

Simple paintings to boost your watercolour confidence!

Course Summary

 I am Mandar Marathe and welcome to the class  
“Simple Watercolour Workout: Painting Water and reflections”  

A guaranteed way of improving your art is by doing deliberate practice. This progress becomes easier and more effective when you paint many variations of a particular subject multiple times.  

So, in this class I show you how I paint 8 different landscapes, all containing water bodies with waves and reflections in them. As landscapes contain other things like skies, mountains, birds, boats and trees we’ll paint those too.  

This class is designed with beginners and intermediate level artists in mind. So even if you are a complete beginner or have been painting for a while, you’ll pick up a lot in this class.

You’ll see my color palette and the final painting throughout the painting process so that you’ll know how each brushstroke contributes to the end result.  I narrate my process throughout the painting activity and explain the reason behind my every action.  You’ll even see how I fix some mistakes that happen during the painting process.  

By the time you finish this class you’ll learn all the methods and techniques of painting water and feel confident to tackle any related subject.  

I am very happy to have you in this class and so, let’s get started with the first painting!

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Mandar Marathe Marathe

Artist, Sculptor, & Art Educator

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