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Welcome to this Photo to Oil Painting Course!
Here you'll learn:
-  how to take a simple looking photo and find a pleasing composition in it,
-  do a value study to get the shapes and values clarified
-  choose a color scheme based on the mood you want the final painting to have
-  adjust the drawing to accentuate the feel of the painting and finally,
-  paint the scene with confidence that it will turn into a successful painting!


“This workshop was very interesting and effective. sessions were more lively and Mandar Sir beautifully taught us basic techniques and also made sure to answer all our doubts. I started after long time and at the end I am able to draw better then before.”

Rutuja Thakur

Drawing Workshop Participant

“I liked how simplified the training session was. My sense of accomplishment after the acrylic painting workshop was immensely gratifying. Mandar Marathe Sir patiently explained painting techniques and answered numerous questions."

Sunila Kelkar

Acrylic Painting Workshop Participant
"Very simple, clear and easily implementable steps for a beginner to increase his/her confidence, and pursue this art further. Gives a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment after one has built one of these idols."

Shreeram Joshi

Ganapati Idol Making Course Student

About Your Instructor

My name is Mandar Marathe and I make paintings, sculptures, conduct workshops and create online art courses.
Though I have been creating and exhibiting art since childhood, I became a full-time artist in 2011 after 16 years of a corporate career in the engineering and IT industry. My paintings are in the personal and corporate collections in 8 countries and in the last 10 years, more than  20000 students have joined my workshops and online art courses.

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