M3 Method Painting Projects - Collection 1

Oil and Acrylic Painting Projects Using M3 Method of Painting

Course Summary

 Welcome to this collection of Acrylic and Oil painting projects created in Feb 2020! It contains 3 full painting  demonstrations.

You can learn to use the M3 Method of Painting by watching these videos and making paintings using the reference photos attached.

This method breaks down and simplifies the painting process into 3 simple steps and we use just 3 colors plus white and just 3 brushes to complete the painting. 
Join this class to see how this method removes the complexity of the painting process and helps even beginner artists paint better paintings.

In the first step, I take a reference photo I clicked and use it to compose a painting. The second step involves blocking in the big shapes and the final step involves painting the finer details to give finishing touches to the painting.

I'm sure that after watching this class, you'll feel confident to paint a painting yourself even if you have not held a paintbrush in your hand before.

See you inside the class!

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Mandar Marathe

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