Mastering Composition In Visual Art

Learn the crucial ingredient of every good work of art.

Course Summary

In simple words, composition is the arrangement of shapes in the picture. It is one of the most elusive and neglected aspects in art but is one of the most crucial ingredients of every good work of art.
This artwork could be a drawing, painting, illustration, graphic design or a photograph. In this class we'll go through

    • Conventions in composition
    • Armatures that hold the shapes in the painting together
    • Common mistakes in composition
    • Orchestration of eye movement using composition
    • Framing and cropping vast scenes into effective compositions
    • Importance of thumbnail sketches in developing compositions
If you are interested in drawing, painting, illustration, design or photography, this class will give you lot of useful information, but even if you are just curious about what composition is and how it helps in creating better artworks, this class will help you understand that.
So, I invite you to enroll in this class and take you art to higher level of mastery. See you in the class!
Tags: art, fine art, illustration, digital illustration,drawing, painting, graphic design, creativity, photography, landscape, still life, oil painting, plein air painting, acrylic painting, watercolor painting
"This was a great synopsis on composition and the instructor touched on all the important things to keep in mind when composing your artwork. Just the right level of detail, lively and engaging..great course Mandar!."
Stephen Johnson
"The instructor gives clear, concise, useful information. Lessons are well organized and include helpful examples."
Cindy Nagel
"He used a well organized approach with very useful examples. I came away with a better understanding of eye movement around a painting because he didn't overwhelm me with unnecessary detail. I still have questions about eye movement in paintings that don't so clearly illustrate his points. Would like to see some examples of paintings that less clearly illustrate his points but that would require an additional segment following his clear points. THANKS SO MUCH!!!"
Sally Stewart

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Mandar Marathe

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