Introduction to M3 Method of Painting

A Simple Painting Process With 3 Steps, 3 Colors and 3 Brushes For Great Results!

Course Summary

 Welcome to Marathe Art School and to this introductory course on learning to paint using M3 method of painting.

My name is Mandar Marathe; I am the founder of Marathe Art School and the originator of the M3 Method of painting.

Through this introductory course I'll show you this simple method of painting that’ll enable you to paint confidently and get good results, even if you are a beginner.
 And If you have been painting for some time, this method offers you a structured approach to simplify your painting process.

Over the years, I have taught this method to participants in my online courses and studio workshops.
Even those, who had never held a brush in their hand earlier or didn’t believe they didn’t have the “talent” for art, were happy with the paintings they had painted using this method.

Of course, their first paintings are not masterpieces but the confidence they get is amazing and they feel encouraged to paint more and more.  Practice is the only way to improve your skills.

This course is just the start of an artistic journey. Here, you’ll learn all the basics you need to get started.

If you choose to continue with Marathe Art School, we have more than 30 courses on various topics such as drawing, composition, perspective, color theory, oil painting, watercolor, Gouache painting, acrylic painting, digital painting, clay sculpting, and much more.

Plus, I add  new courses and painting projects to this collection, all the time. In These projects, I use a reference image and show you how I create a painting based on it; so that you can paint your own version of it.
I would love for you to join us and accelerate your artistic journey!

So, Let’s get started!

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Mandar Marathe

Artist, Sculptor, & Art Educator