Limited Palette Painting

Simplify Color Mixing and Create Color Harmony In Your Paintings

Course Summary

Using a limited palette is a sure-fire way to keep the color mixing simple but very effective.
Welcome to Limited Palette Painting Course!
I’m Mandar Marathe and I’ll be leading you through this course. In this course,

I’ll show you 3 full painting demos using the M3 method of Painting and a limited palette of just 3 colors plus white. In each demo I go through the steps of composing a painting based on a reference photo, applying basic colors to all the areas and then painting the details.

 You’ll see each color that I mix and each brushstroke that I apply. I’ve also attached the 3 reference photos for you to paint your versions of these paintings. This class is intended for beginner and intermediate level artists who want to make their paintings very impactful but avoid the clutter of too many colors.

So sign up now if you want to learn how to paint using a limited palette!

After you watch this course, use the attached reference photos to compose and paint your own versions of these paintings. Painting YOUR versions of these paintings is where you will learn the most.  While painting your versions, you can either use the same colors that I have used or choose a different set of primaries. Trying such variations in colors will give you the confidence to try your own color schemes!

Feel free to send me your questions in the comments.
See you inside!

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Mandar Marathe

Artist, Sculptor, & Art Educator

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