Learn To Make A Ganapati Idol

Learn the details of Ganapati Idol making!

Course Summary

Get trained in clay sculpting and make a Ganapati idol without using any mold/mould.

The course is about learning how to make an eco-friendly idol of Ganapati using wet clay and some very basic tools. This course is taught using video lectures and I have used some presentations slides to explain the materials used, answer FAQs and summarize the course.

This course is divided into 4 sections. We will be starting from making the basic structure and then go on to modeling the 4 hands, making the face, the trunk. Finishing touches will be added by making ornaments and other details.

You should do this course if
- you enjoy learning something new
- you like playing in clay and creating objects with it
- you are interested in sculpture as an art form
- you want to make a Ganapati idol on your own
If you have any questions, you can post them in the questions section and I'll respond to those.
By the end of this course, you will master the clay modeling techniques using which You can make clay models of other objects or animals as per your wish.

As of July 2020, more than 800 students from 36 countries have taken this course!

See you in the course!
Mandar Marathe

"Very simple, clear and easily implementable steps for a beginner to  increase his/her confidence, and pursue this art further. Gives a great  sense of satisfaction and accomplishment after one has built one of  these idols."

-Shreeram Joshi

 "An excellently complied lesson explaining every minor details of the  things being done. Motivates to put the learning in practice. Very  minute details are observed... Highly recommeded... Cheers!!!"

-Sujeet Joshi

 "FANTASTIC course!  I followed along easily.  Camera angles were always  good and easy to see the details.  Audio was comfortably loud and the  instructor was easy to understand. This course takes you from creating  the base to completing a fairly detailed Ganapati Idol.  I thoroughly  enjoyed the class and I have almost completed my Idol.  I highly  recommend this course if you'd like to learn how to sculpt air dry clay. 

-Kathryn Peters

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Mandar Marathe

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