How To Make Amazing Illustrations: Learn Adobe Fresco

Learn To Make Digital Illustrations Effortlessly!

Course Summary

 Hi folks!
This course is about making amazing Digital Illustrations using Adobe Fresco.
In this course, I’ll walk you through the tools and features of Adobe Fresco and also show you my process of making 3 separate illustrations in 3 completely different styles.

My name is Mandar Marathe and I am an artist, illustrator, and sculptor.

I’ve designed this course for anyone wanting to make stunning digital illustrations completely on the iPad. What makes Adobe Fresco amazing is its ability to use vector, pixel, and live media tools seamlessly in a single artwork. So now you can use watercolor and oil color effects along with crisp vectors in a single image.
This class is for you if you want to learn new illustration styles or you want to learn a new and powerful illustration app, Adobe Fresco. You need not have any prior experience of illustration to take this class.

All you need is an iPad, Apple pencil and the curiosity to learn! I promise you it will be a fascinating journey and you’ll be surprised with what you can achieve within a short span of time.

See you inside the class!

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Mandar Marathe

Artist, Sculptor, & Art Educator