Creating Repeat Patterns On iPad Using Assembly App

Easily create geometric and hand-drawn patterns with just your iPad!

Course Summary


Repeat patterns are all around us. You might have seen them on clothes, wallpapers, bags, phone cases, yoga mats, and so many other things.
In this class, I'll show you my steps of creating repeating patterns using a free iPad App called Assembly. We'll start by looking at what is the need for a repeating pattern and what makes a pattern repeat seamlessly.

Then we'll go over the wide variety of ready-made design elements the Assembly app gives you and learn all the features or tools that allow us to create a repeat pattern. Once these basics are covered, we'll go over how to actually create a simple repeating pattern and test it to ensure that it looks nice and also repeats seamlessly.

Next lecture shows you how to upload this to a print on demand site that allows you to print your patterns on a wide range of products. I'll be using Redbubble as my POD site but you can choose any other pod platform.
In the last lecture, I'll show you how to draw your own design elements in another free vector drawing app and then import those into Assembly App to create the repeats.

You don't need any prior design or drawing experience to take this class. All you need is an iPad and a willingness to learn.
So, let's get started!

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Mandar Marathe

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