Suggest, Don't State!

Posted On Jul 15, 2021 |

Dishes, that have perfect amount of salt, taste best. Don't they?

If the salt is too less, the dish tastes bland and if the salt is too much, you can't eat it.

Same is true for the details in your paintings!

You paint too less details and the painting doesn't have the punch and on the other hand if you paint too many details, the painting looks garish and busy. 

It's a fine balance that comes only with practice. 

Here are 3 tips that will make this easy for you.

  1. Paint details mostly in and around the focal area of the painting.
  2. Try to suggest details rather than stating them or making them very obvious. Viewers love the mystery this suggestion creates!
  3. Paint details only at the end of the painting process.  Just like putting the cherry on the cake! That way you are most likely to achieve the first two points that I mentioned.

That's your perfect recipe for the right amount of details in your painting.

Make sure you try this out and tell me about the experience in the comments below.

Happy Painting!

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