Capture Distance in your landscape paintings

When it comes to capturing distance or depth on your painting, which colors you use where is very important.

When it comes to capturing distance or depth on your painting, which colors you use where is very important.In this video I am going to talk about how to Capture Distance In Landscapes paintings.

đź”´ Watch me paint landscapes :

In general,Yellows and reds are called warm colors and blues and greens are called cool colors.

The way to add more depth is to use more warm colors and less cool colors in the foreground, lesser warm and more cool colors in the mid ground and use only cool colors in the background.

This will add a lot of depth to your landscape paintings simply because that’s the way we see colors in real life.

Because of the air and moisture in the air, we see fewer and fewer reds and yellows in the objects that are far away from us. In other words, objects start looking more and more bluish to our eyes as they recede into distance .

So when we use colors in this way, viewers’ eyes interpret the bluer objects to be at farther distance than the objects that have reds and yellows in them. We are using colors to create the illusion of distance on the flat painting surfaces.

Simple but effective, isn’t it?

But you might ask, is this the only thing that’s required to show depth in painting? The answer is NO. Value and saturation of the colors also suggest depth but that’s a topic for another video. But without the right colors in the right place the paintings would look odd. And the right colors will be decided by the scene you are painting, For example if you are painting a scene from a tropical jungle, the colors will be different from the colors you would use when you paint a desert scene.

As I said earlier, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, in sunrise or sunset scenes, you’ll have to use yellows and reds in the background sky.

So, that’s the theory part. Watch the video to know how I paint a landscape using this principle.

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