8 Benefits Of Painting In A Sketchbook

Posted On Jan 24, 2022 |

Learn about the amazing benefits of painting in a humble sketchbook!

  1. No pressure of creating a masterpiece

    Painting in a sketchbook involves very less mental pressure. After all it has many pages and it’s not expensive.

    So, Just paint. Paint anything. and don’t start with an expectation to paint a masterpiece. Paint whatever you want to.
    Nothing bad happens if you mess up. In fact every failed painting teaches you something new.

    Learn from it and paint on the next page. Simple. And don’t forget to enjoy!

  2. There is no pressure to show
    Sketchbooks can be closed! Isn’t that wonderful?

    I mean just in case the painting or the sketch you did not turn out good, no problem. Close the book and you are done. Nobody knows how bad it.

    And the secret is that if you do show it to others, they’ll like it more often than not. That’s because we are one of the harshest critics of our own work.

    And I don’t have to tell you to show the painting to others if it turns out good! You’ll do it naturally!
  3. Fits in the schedule
    I’m sure you have a shortage of time and a lot of things to do. It’s not unusual these days.

    Painting in a sketchbook can fit in nicely in the short spans of time that we often overlook during the day. Like, while having our morning tea/coffee, just after lunch when we are not in a hurry or just before going to bed at night.

    It’s not difficult to squeeze in 15 minutes of sketchbook time in a day of 24 hrs. We don’t want to finish a large painting or complicated design, we just have to paint something small that can be completed in those 15 minutes.
  4. Lot of practice and experimentation

    As sketchbook painting is not an expensive hobby, we can try many different things in it which would be costly to do on a larger scale.
  5. It's inexpensive

    All you need to practice painting in a sketchbook is an inexpensive sketchbook, pencil, some colors, and brushes. You might already have most of these things in your house.

  6. It gives a sense of accomplishment
    Every time you paint something in your sketchbook, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. You just have to experience it.
  7. Easy way to develop ideas for larger paintings
    If you paint larger paintings, you can try different compositions, mediums or color schemes by painting a small painting in your sketchbook before you paint the larger piece. This is a great way to develop your ideas before wasting time and supplies on a large painting. So, never start a big painting unless you have tested your idea at a smaller scale in your sketchbook.
  8. It’s therapeutic!
  9. Painting is therapeutic to your mind because for that much amount of time, you are totally engrossed in the painting and forget all the anxieties of the daily grind. It’s your “me” time.
    No matter if you're a professional or a purely hobby artist, paint in a sketchbook just as a therapy for your mind. You’ll love it!

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